Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct: Complaint and Incident Management

This Code of Conduct and the related documents were formally adopted by BlueTek to provide guiding principles and processes to manage customer complaints and various service incidents.

1. Freedom of Expression

BlueTek and its employees will respect the constitutional right to freedom of speech and expression, access to information, privacy, human dignity, religion, belief and opinion of all our customers, suppliers and fellow employees.

2. Privacy and Confidentiality

BlueTek and its employees will respect the constitutional right of our customers and other associates to personal privacy, privacy of personal information and privacy of communications. BlueTek and its employees will respect the confidentiality of customers’ personal information, data stored, device, network, and system usage as well as all electronic communications. BlueTek, nor its employees will gather, retain or sell any of the aforementioned information. BlueTek, nor its employees will distribute any of our customers’ or other associates’ information, data or electronic communication without the written consent of the customer or associate, except where required to do so by law.

3. Consumer Protection and Provision of Information to Customers

BlueTek will inform their employees that they are obliged to uphold and abide by this Code of Conduct relating to complaints management and related service incidents. BlueTek employees will also be informed of the complaints and disciplinary procedures associated with this Code of Conduct. The service levels offered by BlueTek will be reasonable within our technical and practical abilities. BlueTek will at all times aim to act fairly, reasonably, professionally and in good faith. Specifically in that BlueTek will always ensure that pricing information on services is clearly and accurately communicated to customers.

BlueTek also has an Acceptable Use Policy for Internet access services. This policy will be made available to customers prior to the commencement of any internet access service agreement and at any time thereafter, upon request of the customer.

4. Terms and Conditions

a. No customer may create, store or destroy any illegal content;
b. As a BlueTek customer one will commit to lawful conduct in the use of the services rendered by BlueTek, including copyright and intellectual property rights;
c. No BlueTek customer may send or promote the sending of unsolicited communications such as spam;
d. BlueTek is allowed to remove any content hosted by a customer which it considers illegal or for which it has received a take-down notice of some sort;
e. BlueTek reserves the right to suspend or terminate the service rendered to a customer, if that customer does not comply with the terms and conditions, Acceptable Use Policy or any other contractual obligations.

5. Unsolicited Communications

BlueTek will not send or promote the sending of unsolicited bulk emails. BlueTek will also ensure that reasonable measures are taken and put in place to ensure that our networks are not used by others for the aforementioned purpose. BlueTek will comply with the provisions of section 45(1) of the ECT Act, and undertakes to not send or promote the sending of unsolicited commercial communications that do not comply with the provisions of section 45(1) of the ECT Act. If a customer experiences unsolicited bulk email and unsolicited commercial communications coming from BlueTek networks, they are obliged to inform BlueTek thereof in writing, immediately.

6. Cyber Crime

BlueTek is committed to taking and ensuring that all reasonable measures are in place to prevent unauthorised access, interception or interference with any customer data on the BlueTek network and under BlueTek’s control.

7. Protection of Minors

This section only applies to customers who is responsible for minors, not corporate or business customers. BlueTek will take all reasonable steps to ensure that we do not offer paid content subscription services to people and children under the age of 21 without written permission from a parent or guardian. BlueTek will provide customers with information to assist customers in the control and monitoring of their children’s internet access.

8. Lawful conduct

BlueTek and its employees will respect the intellectual property rights of others and they will not engage in any action that will breach any of those rights. BlueTek and its employees will conduct themselves lawfully at all times and they will co-operate with any legal institution or law enforcement agency where there is a legal obligation to do so. BlueTek will also engage in all legal actions to comply with legislation upon become aware of any unlawful content or conduct by its users. If BlueTek becomes aware of any unlawful content or conduct BlueTek will suspend such a customer’s account and usage. The unlawful conduct or content will also be reported to the relevant legal authority responsible for law enforcement this will be done within a reasonable time. BlueTek will also keep a record of such unlawful conduct and content.

BlueTek will also take reasonable steps to ensure that we do not host any unlawful content or provide any links to any unlawful content, except in circumstances where it is required by law to do so.

9. Compliance with the Code of Conduct

Upon the receipt of a customer complaint or service incident that specific complaint will be directed to the relevant internal department, its personnel and the relevant Manager. This complaint must then be handled by the relevant department manager communicating directly with the customer and the employees involved until an appropriate resolution is reached.
The customer complaint or service incident must be investigated in accordance with this Code of Conduct, unless such complaints are frivolous, unreasonable, vexatious or in bad faith.
BlueTek and its employees will take all reasonable efforts to resolve complaints in accordance with the complaints and service incident procedure.

10. Alterations

BlueTek reserves the right to make changes to this Code of Conduct from time to time.