ECOFLOW POWER KIT 5KWh LiFePo BATTERY MODULE with Battery cable and mounting strap


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Ecoflow Power Kit 5kWh 48V LiFePO4 Battery Module 5002101001 EFM100-BP

The Ecoflow Power Kit 5kWh LFP Battery is a battery with a battery capacity of 5120 Wh, which can be used in combination with other EcoFlow Power Kit components. If you are looking for a system for your camper, caravan, tiny house or holiday home, Ecoflow’s modular system allows you to put together an energy storage and backup system designed to suit your own needs.

The system is expandable with batteries from 5 to 15KWh. The batteries are stackable and have a built-in BMS (Battery Management System). A useful feature of the LFP battery is that they are self-heating, so ideal for use in winter and during cold conditions.


Stackable and Expandable: Available in two sizes, both 2 and 5kWh stack up to 3 for a capacity of up to 15kWh.
Safety First Hot-swap enabled.
Advanced BMS Protection
Technical Specification

Battery type: LiFePO4
Battery capacity in Wh: 5120 Wh
Capacity: 100 Ah
Voltage: 48 V
Maximum charging current: 80A
Dimensions: 50 x 26 x 30cm
Weight: 40.6 kg