Custom IT Solutions

Real world problems require serious custom solutions at a reasonable price. Businesses that invest in technology to make informed decisions and automate manual tasks always witness notable bottom-line impact. The current marketplace has many resources to provide possible solutions to problems. However, each solution is designed keeping in mind the needs of a whole industry or collection of industries. The products have many features and capabilities. On the other hand, the needs of a business are usually very specific. The frustration then exists, that one often has to compromise on what you need, or pay for what you don’t need. In cases such as this it is evident that a customized solution is what you really need. The best option would be to pay for what you actually use, instead of everything that is offered by a product. Customized solutions enable us to develop a product in consultation with a customer that addresses a customer’s individual needs, this way you only pay for what you need.

Custom Cloud Hosting

If you you need custom spec Cloud Hosting we can help with hosting solutions that fit your requirements and budget. We have datacenters in multiple local and international locations. 

We also provide Linux and Windows environment setup, support and maintenance. Service Level Agreements ensure guaranteed uptime and fast and efficient response times.

Some of our happy customers include:

Virtuele instituut vir Afrikaans – ViVa

The National Credit Regulator – NCR

Centre for Environmental Management – CEM

Server Virtualization

We setup, support and maintain various Virtual Server Solutions. Migrating from Physical servers to Virtual Servers enables flexibility and resource utilization of your existing hardware infrastructure. 

Virtualization enables easy backups and disaster recovery solutions.

Talk to us for any virtualization needs you may have.

Opensource Firewall and Web access control

Do you need to secure your work or school network for safe secure internet browsing? We use modern opensource software solutions to provide you with peace of mind. User are only permitted to browse internet categories that is allowed ensuring productive use of internet resources. Full per user based reporting on all website traffic.

Opensource Email servers

We have many happy customers using Opensource E-mail solutions. If you are in need of Mail Server functionality but cannot see the value in expensive Microsoft Exchange server licenses, we have alternative email server solutions like Zimbra that will fit you budget.

Wireless device tracking

We have developed a wireless signal tracking technology that enables you to track and determine Wireless device presence or absence in a designated area. These days almost everyone has a wireless enabled cellular device that is on the person most of the time. Our technology uses small hardware nodes that we can install on various locations on you premises to enable tracking of the wireless devices. This can enable you to track employee or device movements.

Our solution is highly customizable and developed inhouse. Talk to us for a specialized budget friendly solution.

Near Field Communication (NFC) and RFID solutions

As RFID and NFC technology is becoming more commonplace, there is many practical implementations of the technology. If you are in need of any custom RFID or NFC solutions. We develop customized time tracking or time and attendance solutions. Talk to us for a custom solution.

Custom web-based application design

We have many years of experience in developing custom web based applications. From PDF Quote automation to advanced web functionality and design. We develop on standard Content Management Systems like WordPress and Joomla with custom PHP development where needed. Talk to use for a free quotation on your custom solutions

Touch screen LCD Room controller

We have developed a custom LCD touch controller. With our solution we can do advanced Audio Visual device control and automation. Our device is capable of communicating with various hardware on RS232, RS485, Ethernet, Wireless, Relays sensors etc. The Smart AV Controllers connect to centrally managed cloud solution offering customized configurations and streamlined maintenance and support of the the controllers. If you have any touch screen controller needs, please talk to us for a custom solution.