Audio Visual

BlueTek is a dynamic business, always keen to learn, innovate and extend our professional range of services. Offering Innovative Audio Visual Solutions is more important than ever before.

We are focused on our customer needs and we will design and find the solution that will best fit your requirements and budget. The Audio Visual market is flooded with options. It make it much more difficult to find the correct  fit for your business. With BlueTek you can rest assured that the final product will not only impress, but also deliver on quality visuals and audio and meet the highest standards of quality.

Basic AV Solutions

If you’re looking for a complete solution, but don’t want to break the bank, BlueTek can provide you with entry level AV solutions that not only provide top quality audio and visual, but fits the budget and delivers. With options such as the Logitech Group, Logitech Meetup VC, Logitech Conference Cam, Aver Cameras, Sennheiser Speakerphones and many more, we will turn your boardroom into a fully functional video conferencing space. Not only does these solutions offer user friendly interfaces, they also look and function professionally.

Patch Point Options

These solutions can be implemented in various ways, depending on what your needs are. We bring various sources (PC/Wireless) and outputs (TV / Projector) together in a seamless implementation. We offer all the accessories required including TVs and projectors. Patch points can either be installed on tables or wall mounted, with flat or popup versions, giving a sleek presence.


There are many different options to choose from when selecting the right microphone to use when building your VC solution. Selection is not only depended on the brand, but more so on what the microphone can offer in respect of how it fits visually in the boardroom, how the ambient levels will influence the microphone and how well the microphone will deliver the sound quality on the other side. Microphones come in a variety of types and depends on what the use case are: Some would prefer fixed solutions rather than mobile units. You can select from a range of table mounted, handheld, beltpack, ceiling mount and standing mobile microphones options.

Audio Selections

Audio comes in many different shapes and sizes  and can be quite complicated. Selecting the right sound system for your environment, can become time consuming and hard to make that final decision, but we at BlueTek is there to help.  We’ll assist in offering you the best options, based on your expectations, quality requirements and internal connectivity of the system as a whole.

Advanced AV Solutions

When it comes to audio visual, more advanced options are also available. These systems are more interactive compared to the basic options and offer exceptional functionality. These systems are built for the user on a custom level and includes almost any type of audio visual equipment, which is brought together to make a complete system. To include different projectors, electrical screens, ceiling microphones and speakers and room controllers, the system can be expanded over multiple rooms and even buildings. These systems can also be connected to the main server, internet and cloud based services such as play store apps or android, giving clients and employees alike the power of accessing and easily using the system, Better yet, the room controllers built in-house, enables users to run advanced diagnostics and monitor all connected equipment to the system from one central location giving the user and tech the power to maintain and diagnose the system as a whole. The diagnostics and monitoring of the equipment is centralized in one easy to use interface and enables users to plan ahead for equipment that comes near their end of life. You’ll be able to decrease down-time and increase productivity throughout. With one touch initiation on interactive controllers and different device inputs and outputs, the limits are endless with our extraordinary AV systems.

Room Controllers

Control your system with our state of the art room controller, with programmable interface, remote diagnostics and cloud control your boardroom will come alive with easy and fast access to all equipment connected to your VC system. The room controller is highly customizable and the interface can be designed according to your preferences. This system is designed to give our clients the control over all the devices which is connected to their AV environment, without having to power on or even switch them independently. Devices such as cameras, motorized screens, PCs, audio and video can be controlled and managed centrally from one cloud based interface and also enables the user or a technician to run quick and easy diagnostics on all the AV equipment.


Surveillance systems has become an important necessity for any business from small to enterprise. They need the security to protect their assets and with added built in security monitoring, this has become the most popular way to do so. Having the right equipment is key in implementing your security solution. Evidence has shown that the probability of detecting an offence increases from 8.9% without useful CCTV to 55.7% with the right solution. We at BlueTek have the experience to put together the best solution to better protect your business or home.


No VC solution is complete without the correct camera and many overlook the importance of this and settle for their built-in webcams. A good camera can make or break an important meeting and we know what to offer in various environments. Good image quality and better optical zoom capability with extended coverage is important for your meeting space.

Access Control

Access control regulates who or what can access certain areas or resources and is a fundamental concept in security that minimizes the risks of a business or home environment. These devices are strategically installed to secure areas or places where people with the right credentials can gain access . This includes devices such as fingerprint readers, retinal scanners, card readers and more. These control methods makes it easier to protect assets and information without human intervention and is easily controlled from a central hub or server station. Logical Access Control, limits connections to computer networks, system files and data. BlueTek also offers these services.