Logitech G X56 HOTAS RGB Throttle and Stick Simulation Controller 945-000059


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Logitech X56 Hotas RGB Throttle and Stick Controller 945-000059

Designed to enhance the experience of VR gaming and the re-emerging space simulation genre, Logitech G offers the advanced X56 H.O.T.A.S. It’s a shining example of complete control featuring analog thumb sticks, RGB lighting 16-bit aileron and elevator axis, 189 programmable controls, and more.

The updated X56 H.O.T.A.S. features a new stealthy black and gray finish. The changes go beyond cosmetic, with engineering updates to address the feedback from the community delivering a more amazing experience for all flight enthusiasts; from fun, plug-and-play gaming all the way to professional fine-tuned simulation.